Terrace Art Gallery Presents: Mitchell Brager

Hillary Johnson

At the Terrace art Gallery creativity blossoms as they host their first exhibition of the year showcasing Northern Homes Ect. created by Mitchell Brager, a local artist with autism. The collection consists of paintings of heritage homes which are located throughout Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Stewart. Gallery Coordinator, Laura McGregor, discussed this month's event and all the gallery has to offer.

"We try for a monthly exhibition so it opens the first Friday of the colander month and then it goes to the last Saturday of the month we have a gift shop that features over 60 local artists. The exhibition this month is Northern Homes Ect by Mitchell Brager acrylic paintings that he has done of heritage homes, flowers and horses and some commissions that he has done."

Mitchell was, introduced to art at a young age; his mother Colleen has witnessed his talent flourish, capturing the art world as he sees it. And once his artwork captured the attention of the community, requests started pouring in from people who were interested in having paintings of their own homes done.

"And then I thought let's do some more heritage houses.  Laura the coordinator here said you guys should do a series of houses and we could do a show and so in December he did 26 paintings. He is very fast because he doesn't worry about it he doesn't think about it he just draws it and paints it so he created beautiful and bright houses and had a very successful opening night."

The pair has been coming to the gallery for the past four years, Colleen and Mitchell also volunteer their time to try and help in any way they can in an effort to show their appreciation and gratitude for the galleries continued hospitality over the years. 

"Now we leave a box of paint and some canvases and we come at least once or twice a week and he draws and paints it's just been a wonderful collaboration and this is a place where he is very calm very focused and he is very comfortable here."

You can see Mitchell at the Gallery on Tuesdays from 11:45 to 1:45 and Thursdays from 12 to 3. If you like, you could have the artist himself draw you as a character for only five dollars, but hurry up! This exhibition is only here until January 26th.

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