Terrace Beautification

Hillary Johnson

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Society and the Greater Terrace Beautification Society have brought some concerns forward to Terrace City Council regarding downtown cleanliness. Terrace Beautification Society Vice President, Dave Gordon, explained the issues facing downtown Terrace.


“Wanted to talk to the city about standards of cleanliness in our downtown. We have a lot of social issues in our downtown, and some of which are very difficult to deal with. Issues of cleanliness from litter and street sweeping are areas we could probably improve on and we should improve on.”


He continued by highlighting the existing public garbage cans and their ineffectiveness.


“We are in a society with a lot of disposables coffee cups, plastic and we are challenged with people disposing of them properly, putting them in garbage receptacles. Then, we are also challenged with those garbage receptacles actually holding the garbage until it’s picked up. Birds can pick through it, people can pick through it and we end up with a lot of litter in the downtown area.”


Gordon explained what improvements, he and the society, hope to see in the future.


“Well the cities committed to upgrading their garbage receptacles which we are thrilled about. We would like to see that done on a schedule that fits with their budget but also from a performance perspective does actually replace the poorly performing garbage receptacles we have in town. We would also like the city to review its operational procedures around street sweeping and sidewalk sweeping so that we can get the streets and sidewalks cleaned, when we need them cleaned, in the summertime before events and in the fall before winter and perhaps increase that in years to come.”


The Beautification Society just hosted their annual Garb-a-thon this past weekend where community members volunteer to help pick up garbage around Terrace. Gordon said the event was very successful as they filled several dumpsters full of litter.

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