Terrace Home Destroyed By Fire -- But No One Injured

John Crawford

Fire has destroyed a home on Cedar Crescent in Terrace.

No injuries were reported, and fire crews managed to keep the flames from spreading to neighbouring houses -- but the home itself could not be saved.

Neighbours say they noticed smoke coming from the home and attached garage shortly before 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.


Fire crews and other emergency responders were on the scene fairly quickly -- but Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson says by then, there was no chance of saving the home and garage.

"When our crews arrived on scene, the house was fully involved, fire shooting through the ceiling in multiple locations;  at that time, it was high winds, so it was also pushing the fire straight towards the west, and just feeding the fire and getting it into the rest of the house," he said.

Jephson says a man and a woman were home at the time -- the woman was inside the home when the smoke was first noticed, and Jephson says she was taken to hospital as a precaution -- but it's believed neither of them was injured.

Jephson says it's far too soon to say what caused the fire -- but it spread fast, and both the fire department and insurance adjusters will be investigating to see if they can determine a cause. 

[PHOTO:  Terrace Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson -- CFTK]

But while the home is not salvagable, Jephson says the good news is that everyone is okay.

"In this case, both occupants are good and then it's the personal belongings -- the house will be a write-off, there's no question about that, but a lot of the belongings can be saved."

Jephson says the fact that so many people phoned 911 ensured that the Fire Department was able to get on-scene quickly and keep the fire from spreading to other homes nearby.

"There was some concern initially when we first arrived to the house to the west -- because fire was pushing that way; but because of the type of the response, the training that all of our members have, they were able to engage the fire right away, and they stopped that fire from spreading to the neighbour's house; we did work with the neighbour to make sure that all the smoke was out of the house, they did have some smoke go in their house but we were able to mitigate that to a low level and everything worked out in our favour," he explained.

But Jephson says there might have been a different outcome if this fire had happened in the middle of a hot, dry summer -- and like many of us, he's a bit concerned with how dry it already is here in the northwest.



[Reported by Steve Ross, Frank Landry]

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