Two LNG Rallies Held In Two Days

Marek Tkach

LNG Canada has neither confirmed or denied multiple reports that a final investment decision will in fact be made this week.

That didn't stop people from supporting a pair of pro LNG rallies this in Terrace and Kitimat over the weekend. Speeches, signs, and excitement dominated George Little Park in Terrace on Saturday afternoon.

With an investment decision looming, LNG supporters continued to show their support with strong turnouts for two rallies in two days.

"It's fantastic to see especially with the people that have been working on this for the past twelve years like Ellis Ross and Mike Bernier. They've been putting a lot of effort in time into helping make this happen." Said Rally Organizer Dave Johnston.

This isn't the first time LNG Canada's decision has been highly anticipated, however this time around the feeling throughout the rally is that good news is near.

"We are so close now to have it here in the province, it's great for all of us. To see the people here today just to know that we're all collectively working together, understanding what this can mean for the province, the region, jobs for families, and kids in the area. This is really just about celebrating the opportunities that are going to be here." Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier said.

LNG Canada has held open houses and barbecues over the last month aimed at engaging with the community.

Local politicians at the rallies feel the bond between their communities and LNG Canada is as strong as it's ever been.

"I think the dynamism of the proponents, engaging with the local community for years has formed a bond between LNG Canada and the local people." Said Kitimat Councillor Rob Goffinet.