Terrace Public Input Hearing On Cannabis Retail Storefronts

Hillary Johnson

A small group of business representatives and concerned citizens gathered at Monday night's public input hearing at Terrace City Hall to hear details regarding the possibility of additional cannabis retail stores operating in the city. The pot shops will be located on Kalum Street near the Happy Gang Center for Seniors and the other on Lakelse Avenue next to Comic Encounters. Hive Cannabis Inc. has submitted an application for a new storefront cannabis retail license at 3227 Kalum Street. Hive Cannabis Inc. representative, Craig Smith, discussed the company's medical background.
"Hive Cannabis is owned by a respected doctor who has been dealing with these types of drugs, opioids and addictions for about 23 years. He is well versed in the effects of cannabis medically. As well, It should reduce the black market and that's why the government wants these cannabis stores that are highly regulated."
However, not everyone was happy with the locations of these possible establishments. Happy Gang Member, Susan Broughton, opposes Hive Cannabis Inc. being located across the street from the Happy Gang Center. Broughton claims that there have been multiple cases of vandalism and loitering around the center and is concerned those problems would only increase with the stores planned hours.
"The hours 9 to 11 to me is ridiculous! Why do you need it open that long? Why do we need another cannabis location? And what I see happening around our center, it does not help us. I would please ask council to really think twice about this."
Smith says the company is planning to establish multiple security measures around the building.
"A light that comes on during the night so it will detract people from sleeping there. We are also looking at other measures such as may be doing something with noise or maybe a water spray that sprays them or possibly a gate that goes across. We are going to have cameras inside and outside the building."
The owners of Hive Cannabis Inc. are currently planning on running their business seven days a week. The company is willing to discuss its hours of operation in an effort to work with the business community to avoid any conflicts.

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