Terrace RCMP is launching an 'Online Crime Reporting' tool

Hillary Johnson

An opportunity to free up time for on-duty RCMP officers to pursue more critical issues may be a benefit resulting from a pilot being introduced by the Terrace RCMP detachment. It will also make it easier for the public to report non-serious crimes.

Starting January 23rd, the Terrace RCMP is launching an 'Online Crime Reporting' tool, which will help police better allocate resources and capture information which may, otherwise, go unreported.

The online tool is not meant as a replacement for the public calling police for assistance but is intended as an alternative for the public to report less serious, local crimes. The online tool is useful for Damage to property or vehicle and theft, where the value is under $5000.

 Constable Crystal Evelyn of the Terrace RCMP detachment says there are only a few things required when summiting a report.

"There are a few conditions that need to be met as well, a member of the public must use their real name. They also must have a valid email address, so very important there. There must not be any witnesses or suspects, so if you think you knew who did it, then you need to talk to a police officer. Follow up by a police officer must not be required. If there is a suspect or there are witnesses, a police officer needs to come out so that would not make a good candidate for online reporting. Reports must not involve personal identification, so things like your license plate, if it was stolen, or your passport, you still have to come in and make a report for that or call in a report. The user also must agree to the terms and conditions of use, so they have to read that."

This new tool will also allow call takers and frontline personnel to focus on higher priority calls, which helps improve overall safety and response times.

The move toward online reporting is part of a pilot project expansion that was launched, in select BC communities, this past summer and fall.

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