First Concrete Poured Today on new Terrace Search and Rescue Hall

John Crawford

Today's an exciting day for Terrace Search and Rescue.

"This morning, we have 125 yards of concrete showing up from Skeena Concrete for the foundation of our Search and Rescue hall," explained SAR executive member Dave Jephson.


[CFTK PHOTO ABOVE:   November 2017]
[CFTK PHOTO BELOW:   June 2019]


The land, at the corner of Greig Avenue and Clinton Street, was purchased a couple of years, and Jephson says the plan is to have the foundation poured this summer -- and then the pre-manufactured building should arrive in mid-August.


[CFTK PHOTO (Steve Ross):   Dave Jephson on site of new Terrace SAR Hall -- first concrete poured Jun 20, 2019]

If all goes according to schedule, it could be ready for use this fall.

"One way or another, before the end of the year, we're going to be inside our new building -- we may have our Annual General Meeting in our own hall this year in November, it'll be pretty exciting to have all of our members -- approximately 70 now -- sitting in one room in their own facility, it'll be awesome!" he exclaimed.

It's estimated the total cost of the project is between 1.3 and 1.4-million dollars. 

Jephson says contributions from people and businesses in the northwest have been phenominal, and are a key reason the hall is being built. 


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