The Coast Mountains School Board hosted the second round of public consultations

Hillary Johnson

The Coast Mountains School Board hosted the second round of public consultations last night, regarding the consultant report issued last fall. After a concerted public protest in Terrace, resulting from the reassignment of three administrators last spring, this review was initiated. Last November consultant Dianne Turner made 12 recommendations dealing with improving communications, the consultation process and other concerns.

Coast Mountain School District Acting Superintendent, Janet Meyer says some of the recommendations are currently being worked on, some of which include the restorative process and administrative reassignments and succession planning. She mentioned performing a healthy environment scan for staff and students.
"We're in conversations with an organization that we believe could help us, similar to what Northern Health has, to do an environmental scan of all of our employees, including our students in terms of how they feel about their workplace or there learning place."
Terrace District Teachers Union President, Michael Wen attended a closed meeting on behalf of the teachers before the open public consultation and said he is happy the second round of discussions took place.
"Teachers expressed where they felt the district should be heading in terms of building bridges, regaining respect, trust. They had good feedback along the lines of what leadership should be doing. It seemed that the information was received well by the trustees, and they were very genuine in how they responded and very genuine how they wanted to build a better culture in our district and deal with a lot of workplace issues to make it a better place for learning and for working."
Coast Mountain School District 82 Board Chair Shar McCrory says they are working on implementing some of the recommendations.
"We hope to gather all the comments and concerns that people have brought forward, added to our report already and look at developing an action plan on the items that we haven't addressed yet. For instance, the strategic plan we have talked about a little bit, but we haven't made a plan to implement that or start that work yet."
McCrory says community input and feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Further meetings are set for February 25th in Kitimat's Mount Elizabeth School Library and the 27th at Hazelton Secondary.

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