The Skeena Valley Farmers Market will be back in action Saturday

Hillary Johnson

The Skeena Valley Farmers Market will be back in action starting tomorrow from 9 am to 1 pm but on a limited basis.The market was unable to physically open on time this year due to the pandemic.

However, the province's phased reopening plan will allow for a gradual, phased in, on-site start-up.

Skeena Valley Farmers Market President, Norman Frank, says that Phase one will be limited to agriculture produce and this will be a trial run to see how well it can operate with the province's COVID-19 restrictions.

He says signage and sanitation stations will be set up at the market entry points.

Physical distancing and crowd volumes will be monitored, and safety protocol reminders posted prominently within the market. Frank also noted that the rules would not allow for socializing.

"It will be a modified market to start. It won't be a social event like it usually is. There won't be music. There will be crowd control if we feel that people within the perimeter are having a friendly get together because they haven't seen each other for six months or four months. We have to ask them to please go out of the secured area to have a discussion."

Northern Health is expected to inspect the site to ensure it meets their requirements.If all goes well, food vendors might also be allowed to participate next Saturday.

Craft vendors will not be permitted until the physical distancing restrictions are lifted.The online market is still in operation for other vendors, who are not able to participate

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