The Terrace RCMP detachment provided an annual update to the City

Hillary Johnson

Inspector Jason Lucash of the Terrace RCMP detachment provided an annual update to Terrace City Council earlier this week. The review is used to determine the RCMP's enforcement priorities for the next year.

He discussed their crime reduction unit, which currently consists of two members, which he hopes to increase this year, with a supervisory position.

Council asked to carry forward last year's established priorities, which include increased RCMP presence downtown, added traffic enforcement, working more closely with community agencies on matters of addiction and domestic violence and respectful workplace training for RCMP members.

Lucash went on to say the department tries to conduct as many proactive patrols as possible in problematic areas. However, he was asked if this leaves other areas in the city vulnerable?

"Anytime we have if you want to call them a short term or air quote temporary issues, they will focus on those areas as well. If we start to get complaints from the public for observing behaviours or crimes taking place in certain areas, we will focus on those areas we can."

Several council members made enquiries regarding the impact of the pandemic on RCMP responses, drug enforcement activities, as well as a recent, ongoing issue with shoplifters. Lucash replied that shoplifting is down, which he contributes to the pandemic and stores not being open.

He also noted that the online tool is helping the detachment make their time spent investigating, more efficient and that he sees excellent value with having discussions with health authorities to assist better those living with mental health disorders and addictions.

Lucash also added that the detachment had received several calls that were COVID-19 related where people had called to report their neighbours for not following established distancing protocols.

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