Finishing touches completed on the McConnell Estates gazebo

Hillary Johnson

[McConnell Estate Gazebo --  Hillary Johnson CFTK

The McConnell Estates gazebo is finally completed. The project construction, which started last fall, was recently finished and consists of a wooden gazebo and cement walkway that occupies the previously vacant green space. It will now provide a functional and accessible outdoor area for seniors with limited mobility.

Rotary Club of Terrace member David Oatway says the project had to be put on hold due to changing seasons, but the finishing touches have now been completed.

"We had to put the siding on the gazebo, clean up some stuff. We also wanted to fill in the landscaping, make it level to put some grass seed down because back in the wintertime, in November, it was snowing, and it just couldn't be done."

[Rotary Club of Terrace's David Oatway at McConnell Estate Gazebo --  Hillary Johnson CFTK

Even though the gazebo is ready for use, the grass has to grow in to ensure residents, who use wheelchairs, can safely navigate the space without getting stuck. Due to the pandemic, the home is limited to essential visitors only. When the grass is in place, residents can use the area, and once restrictions towards visitors are lifted, loved ones will also be welcome to enjoy the space. Oatway says that once everything is in place, it will be a great way to spend the day.

"It allows family and friends of the residents to come outside and yet have a social distancing and have a visit outside where its safe to do so, so yeah, great idea! Last time I was here, Northern Health said they were going to supply a BBQ, and there is one there and also three chairs just around the corner that have arrived unexpectedly."

[McConnell Estate Gazebo -- Hillary Johnson CFTK

The project was a collaboration between Terrace's two Rotary Clubs; Northern Health, Progressive Ventures and others. The price tag of the project came in below its $75,000 budget. Some of the funds came from the annual Rotary Club auction, community donations and other fundraising events.

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