Unist'ot'en Accuse CGL Contractors of Bulldozing Trapline

John Crawford

[Edited to add response from Coastal GasLink]

Members of the Unist'ot'en are accusing Coastal GasLink contractors of driving a bulldozer through the heart of one of their traplines south of Houston.

The company says the contractors are there to conduct preliminary survey work for the pipeline, which if built would connect the natural gas fields in northeastern BC with the LNG Canada terminal to be constructed near Kitimat.

In a post on Facebook, the Unist'ot'en accuse the contractors of violating the Wildlife Act by interfering with lawful trapping. 


[Facebook Photos (above and below)  -- Unist'ot'en Camp page]

The First Nation says trapping is part of their healing centre programming -- as they return to the land to heal from the trauma of colonization.

They say damage to the trapline represents a direct attack on the healing centre and the wellness of the Wet'suwet'en people.

In a reponse on its website (http://www.coastalgaslink.com/get-the-facts/qa/), Coastal GasLink says while conducting approved and permitted work in the ancillary sites of the project, approximately 17 kilometres from the Morice Bridge location, Coastal GasLink crews encountered newly erected animal traps in the trees and newly erected signage stating there were traps on the work site.

Coastal GasLink says had previously provided notice to trappers that work was being done in the area, to ensure awareness and to prevent any disturbance to traditional activities.

The company says the work occurring on the access roads, ancillary sites and the right-of-way is an active construction site accessible to authorized personnel only, adding it wants to ensure that all of its worksites are safe and workers go home safe each and every day.

Coastal GasLink says it has taken steps to notify the trap owner that the traps must be removed from the area and will continue to try to work collaboratively with them.





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