Smithers, Witset Residents Walk 34km In Unity

Marek Tkach

The 34 kilometres that separates the Community of Witset and the Town of Smithers isn't usually considered as a "walkable" distance.

Members from both communities dedicated one whole day to make the seven the seven hour trek in a celebration of unity.

"Thirty years ago it would only be a dream, even forty years ago. Witnessing what I saw today, made me feel good inside." Witsuwit'en Hereditary Chief Ron Mitchell said.

The crowd participating in the walk included Smitherines, the Witsuwit'en, and residents from the surrounding area ranging from adults to small children and even animals.

Following the walk, a feast along traditional song and dance performances were held in front of a jam packed gym at Witset Hall.

"Every time I come to Witset I walk into this building I feel it, it's almost palpable. (Among) the Witsuwit'en in our community there's such a generous spirit and it gives me great hope for the future that we can live together and create a more just and equitable community." Said the Mayor of Smithers, Taylor Bachrach.