RDBN Concerned About Wildfire Relief Funds

John Crawford

The Bulkley Nechako Regional District is raising concerns over the big difference in the amount of money going to help those affected by this summer's wildfires in BC compared to the millions spent last year.

RD Board Chair Bill Miller says the Red Cross has only about two million dollars to spend on wildfire relief efforts this year, compared to the 162-million available for the 2017 recovery.

In fact, he says only about 70.3-million of last year's money has been spent -- and he feels a lot of the unspent money could help Regional District residents in their recovery efforts.


Miller says the RD has learned that the BC Fire Chiefs Association has access to seven million dollars of last year's Red Cross money for future training and equipment, yet none of that money is being allocated to uninsured RDBN residents who lost homes, or who had winter supplies of food and firewood destroyed.

He's written to BC's public safety minister and the Red Cross, demanding the issue be addressed.   


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