Winter Safety should be top of mind when venturing outside

Hillary Johnson

Winter Safety should be top of mind when venturing outside, whether it’s to participate in winter activities or just driving from point A to B. Being prepared for any situation is what Terrace SAR spokesman, Dave Jephson recommends, especially when exploring the backcountry where avalanches can be unexpected and deadly.


"We just say, use caution. You know it's not backcountry skiers only that go back there. A lot of people snowshoe and we have had deaths where people have been on a normal snowshoe trail and they walk past a little bit of a slope, and it can be 20 -30 feet high only and it slides down and that person gets caught underneath and has perished. Be conscious of any snow on a slope. Watch the weather! That's huge! Different layers cause different problems. If you go into that area, you should learn about it, you should research it and understand those risks."


Having knowledge of the area you're exploring isn't the only precaution to take before you leave.


"Having a trip plan, that trip plan is going to say, I'm going for a snowshoe hike here. I plan on being back at this time, and this is where I'm going to park and then telling somebody that."


Jephson says the timing of your planned trips can play a huge factor in your safety.


"Don't start your trip at 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon because in an hour, it's going to be dark and it's going to be really cold and if you lose your way and you're not dressed properly, you're going to be hypothermic and you're going to get lost."


He advises avid outdoors persons to utilize the new technology available such as an in-reach device or even your cellphone. Having this on your person might just save your life.

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