Phase 2 of Woodworth Dam Contracted at $16.5 Million

Brittany Webster

A contract has been chosen for phase two of the Woodworth Dam, a contract nearly three times the original estimate.

In 2016 the City of Prince Rupert put together a three phase plan to reconstruct its primary water supply, beginning with an access road completed earlier this year. Phase two, construction of a replacement dam, was estimated at $6 million, but council's decision Monday gave the contract to Eiffage for over $16.5 million.

Rupert's mayor, Lee Brain, says the change in cost will result in more revenue for the city. "Ultimately it was a design change as well as the fact that we wanted to include hydro-electric capacity for that. So to do that it would require the higher dam and also we see a revenue opportunity to sell energy back to the grid. And so, reality is you have to invest a little more to make long term revenue for the community... It`s going to be there for another 100 to 150 years, so we might as well do it right the first time."

The federal and provincial governments are assisting Prince Rupert on funding phase two.

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