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MV Marathassa Coming to the Prince Rupert Harbour; First Time in B.C. Since Leaking Fuel in Vancouver

(Image: Darryl Dyck / THE CANADIAN PRESS) The MV Marathassa - a cargo ship that spilled 2,700 litres of bunker-C fuel in the waters of Vancouver's English Bay last April, is making its first return to B.C. tonight. According to Michael Gurney from the Port Prince Rupert, the ship will ... Read more

Mayor Phil Germuth Says a Location Change Won't Increase Support for Northern Gateway in Kitimat

The Mayor of Kitimat says even if Embridge decides to re-route its Northern Gateway Pipeline to a different port in B.C. - it would face the same heavy opposition it does now. If built, the $7-billion dollar pipeline would transport oil from Alberta to the port of Kitimat. However Alberta's ... Read more

Rupert's Baby Looking For Biological Parents

38-years after she was abandoned as a baby outside Prince Rupert's hospital, Janet Keall is making a final push to find her biological parents. "I have no idea where I was born, when I was born and more importantly, who created me. At the most vulnerable time in my life ... Read more

Prince Rupert Applies For 311 Non-Emergency Line

The City of Prince Rupert is applying for a 311 phone line - a number used to report and access non-emergency municipal services. Its aim is to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from 911, which is reserved for emergencies. Prince Rupert's Communications Manager Veronika Stewart says if approved ... Read more

Terrace Council Votes Against Downtown Shelter Location

Terrace City Council has denied a request from the Ksan House Society to set up a permanent extreme weather shelter in the city's downtown. A public hearing continued for two hours Monday night as residents, business owners and stakeholders debated a rezoning application to establish a shelter inside an empty ... Read more