Vandals Again Strike Newly Renovated Mariners Park in Prince Rupert


The newly-renovated Mariners Park playground in Prince Rupert has been damaged by vandals.

Someone has spray-painted obscenities on some of the playground equipment, as well as the names "Logan" and "Marissa", while parts of the rubberized floor have been gouged.

The City of Prince Rupert released a statement this morning, saying the act was "beyond disrespectful".

The park was recently upgraded -- a 258-thousand-dollar project spearheaded by the Prince Rupert Lions Club, with financial contributions from the Port of Prince Rupert, Ridley Terminals and other companies. 

During the construction, the park was vandalized three times, adding 15-thousand dollars to the project's cost. 

Since then, the City took steps to improve lighting above the playground, and it's now appealing to the public to come forward with any information they might have to help the RCMP track down those responsible for the latest damage. 

[Photo Credit: Tyler Portelance