Back Country Avalanche Hazard Climbing


Avalanche Canada is warning northwest residents to be extremely careful when heading into the backcountry this weekend.

After several days of heavy snow, the weather is likely to be sunny for the next couple of days, and public avalanche forecaster Mark Grist says the temptation is strong to underestimate the hazard.

However, with the danger rating "considerable" to "high" for all elevations of the Northwest backcountry, people can't let their guard down.

"What we're particularly concerned about is we're going to see some warming temperatures on Saturday, it could be up to zero degrees or slightly warmer in the alpine, and usually the first warmup on a fresh snowfall, especially a big one like this, can be a trigger for natural avalanches so people definitely need to be aware for the weekend, on Saturday especially," he said.
Grist [pictured at left] says the best advice he can offer to people planning to spend time in the back country is to get the training, get the gear and get the forecast.