Cow Bay Gift Galley Celebrates 25 Years in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert Welcomes Whale Tails!!


The Cow Bay Gift Galley celebrates 25 years of business in Prince Rupert.

Store owner Glen Saunders is recognizing the community for their support by investing in 'whale tail' benches that are placed around the city.

Prince Rupert resident Joey Tapper says "I think the whale is really cool because it's another spot to sit at and they're all around town."

Cow Bay Gift Galley owner Glen Saunders says the whale tail is a continuation of a theme he started years ago.

"I started Paint Prince Rupert and we started painting up buildings in downtown and around the community. Then we moved on to doing up the murals-and the first mural which was a collaboration of the business and other people at Johnny's machine shop," says Saunders.

Whale tail creator and designer Jeff King said coming up with the idea were simple.

"Well if you look at the painting on the side of Johnny's machine shop, I was actually doing a smaller version of that for a client and it just looked like a perfect seating spot," says King.

The whale tails were created in Vancouver and shipped to the North Coast with Bandstra Transportation. King says the concept is to use the artwork in a functional application.

"I had a city official here in that said if you come up with something that's functional it's a lot easier to buy and sell so I came up with this idea and it just happened to work out," says King.

Mariner's Park is 1 of 5 locations in and around the city of Prince Rupert where you'll find these whale tail themed benches.

Opa Sushi restaurant and the corner of Wheelhouse Brewing are a couple other places that you will see the whale tail splashed around the city.

Saunder's says there is going to be another one in the new park that's going to Seal Cove and is hoping to put one beside Johnny's Machine Shop-with the first mural.

General Manager of Wishbone Site Furnishing Robin Ruddock says the whale tail was very client driven.

"Like a lot of our things it was very client driven. It was communities wanting a feature piece-wanting something unique and then us kind of listening to them and saying okay yeah how about we work with a sculpture? So it was very organic," says Ruddock.

Prince Rupert resident Kyuss Trowell says, "Very cool because it represents Prince Rupert because we have lots of whales and stuff around, so there's lots of them around Prince Rupert and that they are very cool and unique."

Kitimat resident Dathen Greer says, "The colour of it is like amazing."

Saunder says, "Not many businesses make it 25 years and you know, we've been a big part of the bay."