Trishan Food Market

Trishan Food Market

Trishan Food Market – a pleasant and elegant Indian and Ceylon cuisine with superb service. To make your visit memorable, the menu has been compiled to place at your disposal a choice of delicately prepared and pleasingly tasty dishes having the aroma and flavor of Indian spices made to perfection. Let the mystic environment of Indian Spice blend with your valued presence. Trishan food Market today symbolizes to the traditional home made curry flavors in the U.K. With several years of business experience the management hired one of the best chefs in Canada and have managed to extinguish every Indian cliché in the menu by delivering the cuisine with a modernized whirl. 

Trishan Food Market (Terrace)
4702 Keith Avenue,
Terrace, BC V8G 4K1
Phone: (250) 635-0548

Trishan Food Market (Prince Rupert)
200 4th Street
Prince Rupert, BC V8G 1L6
Phone: (250) 622-2241


Monday - Saturday: 12PM - 9PM
Closed Sundays


Trishan Fast Food - Terrace

Trishan Food Market - Prince Rupert



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