WestJet flight to Vancouver made an emergency landing at the Northwest Regional Airport

Hillary Johnson

On the heels of a recent emergency landing earlier this year at the Northwest Regional Airport, WestJet has had another incident, this time with a notification of smoke in the cargo hold of Flight 3108.

The plane left Terrace at 7:30 pm last night, on its way to Vancouver and soon after, requested a return to Terrace. Regional Airport General Manager, Carmen Hendry, provided the details of the incident and their response.
"Their protocol was to return to the airport. They notified the airport of course. The airport enacted our emergency response plan which includes notifying 9-1-1 so that we are prepared. The city fire department and Thornhill fire department, police and ambulance arrived on site as per requirements of our emergency response plans. Aircraft landed without issue. Passengers were deplaned and taken to the terminal building. Aircraft was removed from the runway. At approximately 9 o'clock, the airport operations resumed."
He said the smoke notification could be due to a faulty sensor noting that they didn't notice any smoke upon inspection of the craft. 

He indicated that the aircraft involved was the same make and model as the WestJet that suffered the partial nose-wheel collapsed earlier this year.

In an email to CFTK, WestJet wrote that guests were later rebooked for completion of their journey. They would like to apologize to their passengers on board for the delay.

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