A light display on the Grand Trunk Pathway has been vandalized

Hillary Johnson

It looks like a Grinch tried to steal a little Christmas cheer this year by tearing down a lighting display and taking the extension cords. The vandalism has caused the Greater Terrace Beautification Society to remove its Christmas decorations from the Grand Trunk Pathway. Society Director Kenny Giesbrecht says they are unsure of when the theft occurred but noticed the damage last Saturday morning.

"This year, we noticed the one week just one little cord was missing, and the following week a whole swath of things have been taken away, and in another spot, things were gathered up as though someone was maybe interrupted in the process of grabbing things and they were going to come back for them later but never did, and we found them all in a pile. And then this past week, we just found a whole swath of those extension cords had gone missing, just completely gone. So we just decided that we better save what's left before it's all gone."

Giesbrecht says the group feared that if they didn't take the rest of the display down, there wouldn't be enough left to put up next year, but this wasn't the only location that was affected.

"Well, we found one extension cord has been taken from the arena, the sportsplex that we lit up the entryway there. Some of these are the inexpensive ones you can get at Canadian Tire or Home Hardware that are just 12 feet, and they're not really a big deal, and we have come to expect a couple every year that's going to go missing that way, but the ones that were missing are kind of longer heavy-duty cords that are more expensive to replace and not something that someone would expect to have to constantly spend several hundred dollars on every time you want to replace these."

Giesbrecht says he wants people to be aware that this display was created by a group of volunteers who genuinely care about making improvements to the city. He hopes that they can reinstall the lights next year for everyone's enjoyment. 

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