A rally against human trafficking and pedophilia occurred in Terrace

Hillary Johnson

Peaceful protests occurred across North America today to bring awareness to human trafficking and pedophilia. Over a dozen people gathered on the Millennium trail in Terrace and then marched to City Hall to bring a voice to the issue. Protester Aleena Mckay says that even though this is an uncomfortable subject to discuss, it's necessary to keep the conversation going. She said she wants to see the law change to charge sex offenders with stricter punishments.

"The only way we can evoke change to stand up and be fearless and fight that voice inside of our heads and hearts that tells us to remain silent and do our part to help end child sexual abuse, child sex trafficking and bring awareness to pedophilia and evoke real change in the judicial system."

She went on to explain the connection between child sexual abuse, mental health issues and addictions.

"We can raise a generation free of trauma with no psychological or mental issues to heal from, and this could lead to a new healthy, confident generation that doesn't need drugs or alcohol to numb their pain. This would lead to less alcoholics, fewer drug addicts, less homeless and lower crime rates. Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation aren't limited to third world countries; it's all over the place. It exists everywhere and even in our own backyards."

Mckay says that residents who could not attend today's event can still support the cause.

"If you can't come out and support us today, please change your profile to a blue heart, put a blue heart in your window, please stand for justice and show our children that we care about them, we love them, and we are here to support them."

A demonstration was scheduled in the Nass Valley but was cancelled due to the pandemic. She says there will be future save our children rallies and hopes even more people will come out to support the cause. 

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