BC provides funding to connect rural coastal communities with high-speed internet

Joshua Azizi


The B.C. government is providing internet service provider CityWest with over $10 million in grants to connect rural and Indigenous communities in Haida Gwaii and the North and Central Coasts with high-speed internet.

The funding will be used to connect homes to the Connected Coast project, an underwater fiber-optic cable that will run along B.C.'s coastline and around Vancouver Island.

Citizens' Services minister Lisa Beare says the project will not only improve internet connectivity for rural and Indigenous communities, but also strengthen their economy and unlock new opportunities.

"It means an innovative tech company can set up shop in a community like Skidegate and do business with clients all over the world. This is how we build a strong economy -- one that creates good jobs throughout the province. And it's no coincidence that becoming stronger together requires us working together and to put people first."

The new funding comes from the Connecting British Columbia program, which helps fund infrastructure to bring high speed internet to rural and remote areas in B.C.

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