Beautifying Terrace One Brushstroke at a Time

Hillary Johnson

The vibrant colours and intricate designs, laid out on buildings across Terrace, are hard to miss when passing by. The Skeena Salmon Arts Fest Society and local artists are well on their way to completing this year's murals, which is part of the society's public art initiative. Skeena Salmon Arts Fest Society representative, Dave Gordon, explained that this project was inspired by our often gloomy winters which presented an opportunity to brighten up the downtown.

"I have some connections in the art community and started chatting with some artists, and we talked about putting up some murals in town. It took me little to realize just how good our artists are in the northwest, so that's been a real delight and we decided to put up some big murals that let us engage our professional artists to make our town look spectacular."

The Wellness Center has recently received some TLC thanks to Artist Michelle Stoney and her associates. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work in the northwest and is excited to showcase her art.

"The main image is a mountain, and then we have the spirit bear, which kind of represents Terrace, and there is an eagle, kind of like the wind at the end, so I've been doing a lot of animal designs, graphic designs. So this is a nice combination of both, which is the first time I have ever combined both styles that I do. The building owner here has come by a few times, and she's excited. She also wants us to extend the mural next year and go even further so ya, that's exciting to see."

Gordon explained the importance of recognizing and celebrating salmon through art.

"So celebrating salmon through art is a great community-building exercise. Last year when we had a complete salmon fishery closure on the river, it was a great way for the community to come together and recognize the importance of salmon without fighting over it, and art is a great way to bring people together in a positive manner."

Although there has been no finalization on where next year's murals will be painted, Gordon is excited by the multiple potential canvases available in town.

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