Coast Mountain College Launches New Mobile Training Unit

Brittany Webster

The ribbon was cut yesterday on Coast Mountain College's new mobile training unit and the first group of students who will make the unit their classroom got to hold the scissors.

The unit has been on display in Prince Rupert this week and yesterday it was opened up for the community to take a look and celebrate with the people who made it possible.

Sarah Zimmerman, Executive Director of Communications for the college, says the unit expands out to 1,000 square feet, cost about $2 million to complete, and will be a learning space for many different programs. 

"We kind of like to refer to our mobile trades units as Optimus Prime or a transformer in that it can be used for a really broad range of programming from professional cook to supporting a nursing program, business, and it's set up today to support the gas process operator program right here in Prince Rupert."

Zimmerman added that the mobile unit also allows technology and equiptment to be moved between communities as they are needed.

"For us being the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning is really important, and Leo [Rutherford] talked earlier today about how this kind of programming is really unique to this part of the world, and so having a unit that we can bring here with equipment that students wouldn't otherwise have access to is super critical and the students are really excited to get their hands on some of the equipment."

The first program to be held in the new unit is the Junior Gas Process Operator Program being offered in Prince Rupert in conjunction with Pembina, and students are expected to be learning in the unit in the coming weeks.

As part of the celebration, stations were set up throughout the college to display some of the technology Coast Mountain College students get to work with, and food and refreshments were made available for those who attended.

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