COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in BC now includes residents aged 65+

Cole Promane

The Province has now lowered the age of eligibility to register for the vaccine to 65.  

Still, many local community members might be struggling to find out if they can register or if they are even eligible to receive the shot. 

Until today, to register and receive the vaccine, someone would have needed to have been born before 1951, and indigenous peoples 18 and up.

And while it is positive that more people can receive the vaccine, there is still a lot of confusion regarding registering or learning new information.

As a result, the vaccination clinic in Terrace will not be in operation on Friday due to low bookings, and a possible result is a limited access to information.

Clinic Volunteer Margaret Symon says that the limited information available is disheartening.

"I feel that it's a bit of a disappointment; a lot of the people that I talked to today here have come to get the vaccine and have heard that the clinic is closed tomorrow. They are wondering why because they do say there are a lot of people in Terrace and the outlying area who have not received their vaccine and who have been waiting for months, and they would love to get it."

Symon believes that one possibility could be that people are unsure how to register and book appointments through the website, but on the Northern Health website, you can scroll down to your location and learn more information. 

Besides that, community members can also call the Northern Health hotline or the number for their city or region.

Northern Health Communications Officer Eryn Collins understands there are many options, and it can be overwhelming, but with each community having individual needs, it's necessary.

"So I think it's important to realize that there was no one size fits all that was going to work for all of the north, given the variations between different parts of our region and different communities within our region. So a few things have happened. We have a couple of Northern Health call centres that people can call. That is entirely to ensure that those call centres can handle the volume, keeping in mind, some communities everyone over the age of 18 is eligible, and in other communities, there are other age eligibility groups."

Collins adds that Terrace is a condensed region, so the eligibility ages can change more frequently, and residents should check for adjustments.

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