Summer Camp Registration are still open at Prince Rupert Recreation Center

Divya Gill

The province is well over in phase three of its restart plan. While most places have reopened with restrictions of social and physical distancing in place, there are certain facilities that have recently been opened to the public. 
The Prince Rupert Recreation center has been open to the public since July but only for summer camp purposes.
Director of Recreation David Geronazzo said there was a much more urgency to open and run camps in the city.
"With our summer camps were really following guidelines and plans that are put in place by other organizations so with the summer camp prep we have a document from BCRPA outlining guidelines for opening summer camps, because there’s a huge need in the community for child care. Summer camps from our rec departments and organizations in town play a role in that heightened urgency."
Each week now the recreation centre has around 15 children who are placed in the arena where there is enough space for sit down and physical activities. Camp councillors also encourage outdoor play whenever possible.
As for the gym facility that has only been open to the public since yesterday. Geronazzo said around the city there are gym facilities that have been open to the public but their facility offers more services than just the gym itself, so to hold off on opening till now seemed like the safest option.
"We provide a gym that works well with other parts of our facility, like our pools as a part of our membership.  There wasn't the same urgency and so it was important for us to serve out community by getting the camps open as soon as possible and get that plan in place. with our gyms we're taking our time and using it as a practice run for what we know is going to be the way the rest of our facility operates."
Those who wish to use the gym facility are asked to make appointments as the protocol only allows three members in the facility at a time. 

Geronazzo added parents can still register their children to camp before the summer end. The last week of camp is the week of August 24th and if parents wish to register they can do on the Monday before they children would like to attend. 

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