Complaints over Cullen nomination as candidates line up for snap BC Election

John Crawford

Former New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen has been confirmed by the provincial wing of the party as the candidate for Stikine in next month's BC election -- and that isn't sitting well with a former Tahltan leader.

[PHOTOS:    Nathan Cullen;  Annita McPhee]

Annita McPhee says she also wanted to run for the seat being vacated by Doug Donaldson, and that Cullen's bid should have been rejected according to the NDP's Equity Policy.

The policy states that if a man retires from an NDP-held seat in BC, his replacement must be a woman or an "equity-seeking" man -- meaning a visible minority, a person with a disability orsomeone from the LGBTQ community.

Stikine New Democrat Constituency Association President Megan Olson says McPhee had made it clear to many members after losing to Taylor Bachrach for the federal nomination last year that she never again wanted to be associated with the NDP. 

Candidates are also lining up in other northwest ridings after Monday's snap election call by NDP Premier John Horgan.

Horgan announced British Columbians would go to the polls on Saturday, October 24th -- one year before the next election was scheduled -- saying  that political stability is needed and that is what he is seeking.

In Nechako Lakes, the NDP confirmed Anne Marie Sam as their candidate, while Liberal John Rustad had already announced he was running for re-election.

[PHOTO:   John Rustad, Anne Marie Sam] 

In Skeena, Liberal Ellis Ross made his plans public on Facebook shortly before the election call, saying that a recent newspaper report which stated he didn't plan to run for re-election was false.  

[PHOTO:   Ellis Ross, Nicole Halbauer] 

"I am going to run again, because the question has become much bigger than just an LNG project in Kitimat, there's so many issues that are facing us in terms of this pandemic, the economy, our jobs, our future, there's so many things at stake now, not just provincially but nationally and I think that we're just getting started in terms of seeing the impacts," he said in the video.

The NDP has confirmed Nicole Halbauer as the party's candidate in Skeena.

[PHOTO:  Jennifer Rice] 

Jennifer Rice is running for re-election in North Coast.

The Green Party is expected to announce its candidates soon.  

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