DFO asking for information on oil container dumping in Kitimat River

Divya Gill

A wetland area in Kitimat has been contaminated with oil and other pollutants and Fisheries Officers are now investigating. 

They say someone dumped five buckets containing used motor oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid in the saunders haul road area between Third and Ninth Streets in Kitimat.

The situation was reported on Tuesday.

Water in the area flows towards Kentron Creek which is known to be coho spawning and rearing habitat and eventually into the Kitimat river. 

A DFO news release says officers could see the water was severely contaminated with oil residue. 

They're now working with the District of Kitimat to clean it up. 

Fisheries Officers are investigating possible violations of the fisheries and environmental management acts and are asking anyone with information about the dumping to contact the confidential D-F-O observe record report 24-hour hotline.

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