Daughter of Acropolis Manor resident anxious about outbreak

Joshua Azizi


Last year, Rhonda Bolton and her family decided to send their mother Delores to Acropolis Manor after she had taken a few trips to the hospital.

This was in March 2020, around the time that the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread worldwide.

Long term care homes have been hit hard during this pandemic, and this week Acropolis Manor became one of the latest care home in B.C to have an outbreak.

Rhonda says that her mother hasn’t tested positive, but she’s worried what could happen if she did.  

“I phoned yesterday in the pod that she was in. They said that she was having lunch and they tested her and she's not showing any symptoms. So she's okay right now. She's been alone since March, we get to see her maybe once, twice a month maybe."

Tragedy struck Rhonda’s family last year when two of her brothers died five months apart from one another. Throughout it all, Rhonda says her mother is holding it together.

"I think she's really just hanging in there because she really doesn't understand. She knows about COVID, but she doesn't understand that we're not allowed to hug and all that stuff. She couldn't even leave to go to the memorial for my brothers."

However, the case count at Acropolis has grown since the outbreak was first announced. Between the loss of her family members and the recent outbreak, Rhonda says that she hasn’t been feeling well.

“It feels like something heavy's just sitting on my heart right now. I don't know if our mom would make it through this if she gets infected.”

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