Family tubing fun leads to Lakelse River rescue

Hillary Johnson

A horrific tragedy was avoided early this morning as a family of four was rescued from the bank of the Lakelse River.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the ordeal, but the mother was transported to the hospital for potential hypothermia.

Terrace Search and Rescue received the call at approximately 11:30 last night, regarding a missing family who had failed to arrive at a set location after tubing down the river.

The rescue team scoured the area but were unable to locate the group in the darkness.

A search helicopter was dispatched at 5:15 am, and shortly after, the family was spotted on the river bank.

Search Manager Dave Jephson says the four members first spotted a tube and debris inside a log jam before locating the family.

"They tried to walk out, but it's very difficult to move in the bush and find roads so great thinking, they ended up cutting one of the tubes and wrapping themselves in the tube, which is rubber, which helps keep heat in and spent the night there obviously hoping that people would be searching for them."

Jephson reminds everyone that before you set out to explore the great outdoors, research the area you intend to go to, create a safety plan and wear the proper safety gear.

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