Finance Committee Visits Prince Rupert for 2020 Budget Consultation

Brittany Webster

Public hearings are more than halfway through for the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. The committee was in Prince Rupert yesterday at the Highliner Plaza gathering input from North Coast residents. 

Members of the Prince Rupert District Teachers' Union, the Unemployed Action Centre, the BC Seafood Alliance, the BC Real Estate Association, Ecotrust Canada, and the Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert presented to the committee with various recommendations.

The Unemployed Action Centre recommended an increase in financial assistance for persons with persistant multiple barriers. The Friendship House requested additional funding for transportation projects, such as their bi-weekly bus service to Terrace. And the Teachers' Union made a couple recommendations, one of which was to increase funding for education from kindergarten to grade 12.

Committee chair and MLA for Maple Ridge - Mission, Bob D'Eith, has been sitting on the committee for a number of years and says he was surprised to hear roads being a trending problem throughout the province.

"It's really interesting this year. A lot of people are talking about roads, whether that's forest roads or highways or maintanence or the affect on the environment. So it's really interesting that a lot of people - you wouldn't expect to talk about roads or talking about the impact that roads have, especially when you think of things like invasive species or you think of the floods and the impact on roads. So it's been interesting to see that."

D'Eith added that another trending topic is children aging out of foster care.

The committee was also in Kitimat this morning at the Riverlodge Recreation Centre.

Submissions can be made to the committee online and will be accepted until 5 PM on June 28th.

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