Fire damages downtown Terrace businesses

John Crawford

Fire has damaged a couple of businesses in downtown Terrace, including one that was scheduled to open within days.

Fire crews from Terrace and Thornhill responded to the call at around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon to the 4600 block of Lakelse Avenue, where Revive Aesthetics was preparing for its opening. 
Terrace Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson says both it and the adjacent West Coast Vape Shop sustained damage.
 "Our first engine started to see large volume of smoke in the back alley of the 4600 block, the crew got out and investigated, started to look at the building, try to gain access to the building, there was a large fire inside -- the fire at the first initial stages seemed to be up in the attic of the rear section of the building."

Jephson says the age of the building was also a factor:  "part of the issue is it's an older building, there's two different occupancies in it, there's two different accesses, there's three different storages, so to gain access to every single one of them took a lot of work, old building -- you can imagine everything is shiplap and stucco on top of everything -- crews did a phenomenal job trying to chase the fire, we believe we located the fire in the centre of the building -- looks like some sort of furnace area or heat -- they were doing some reno's in there -- large charring, large fire up one of the two fire separating walls up into the roof section."

Jephson says he believes the building was saved, although it will require extensive repairs.
Fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

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