Wet summer keeps fire hazard low across much of Northwest BC

John Crawford

The wet summer we've had so far in the northwest may be disappointing for a lot of people, but the BC Wildfire Service is relieved.
With the COVID-19 pandemic not going away, there were fears that a busy fire season would make it very difficult to observe social distancing protocols.
But Northwest Fire Information Officer Cathy L'Orsa says the wet weather we've had this summer, coupled with the burning restrictions imposed by the province early in the season when it was relatively dry, have helped keep numbers very low.

"We have been very lucky -- we had a lot precautions put in place due to COVID, they worked or they weren't tested -- either way, we have not had any fires to really worry about," she said.

There haven't been any large fires in the region all season -- and she says the fire danger rating isn't very high -- for most areas.
"It's Low to Very Low in the Skeena Fire Zone and for the whole fire centre we have a couple pockets in the far northwest and the far southeast of Moderate and High fire risk but predominantly Low and the forecast is for continued wet and cool weather ," she noted.


The lightning storm that rumbled through the region over the long weekend sparked seven small fires, but as of yesterday, only one -- near the Clore River about 35 kms southeast of Terrace -- is still burning, and it's listed as under control.

[Map:   BC Wildfire Service]


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