Foundry BC offering virtual counselling for youth struggling with mental health or addiction issues

John Crawford

Young people struggling with mental health or addiction issues across the province now have access to an on-line service.  

[From Foundry BC website: ] 
The service provides support for young people between the ages of 12 and 24, as well as their caregivers -- and is being offered by Foundry BC, which has established centres in nine communities across the province and is about to open more in Terrace and Burns Lake.

Foundry Executive Director Steve Mathias says the centres help to streamline services for young people facing various mental health issues. 

"In a community like Terrace or Prince George, or more recently Burns Lake, all of the community partners come together, working with the local health region as well as the local Children and Family organizations; they come together and say `okay, what could we do if we built a space or centre that had one door, that young people have to come through, all they have to know is that one door is called Foundry, and when they come through it, there'll be someone inside who can guide them to who they should talk to'," he explained to Robert Pictou, the host of CFTK-TV's "Open Connection".

[Foundry BC Executive Director Dr Steve Mathias talks via ZOOM to CFTK-TV Open Connection host Robert Pictou -- CFTK-TV]
Foundry Virtual Project Manager Alicia Raimundo says the on-line service will help make counselling available to any young person in the province (or their care-givers) -- on a same-day basis, "so that means that anyone, even if they don't have a Foundry Centre in their community, can access it and they can access a video call, an audio call, or even messenging."

[Foundry Virtual Project Manager Alicia Raimundo, Youth Advisor Jane Doughty, Peer Supporter Sierra Turner -- CFTK-TV Open Connection] 
Youth advisor Jane Doughty says the Foundry Virtual service makes counselling available everywhere in BC, through video calls, phone calls or even texting.
"It's so accessible, it's so accessible -- it's so simple as well, that was a huge thing that was really important to us is that it's simple, straightforward and accessible," she said.
Foundry Virtual Peer Supporter Sierra Turner hopes all young people struggling with  mental health or addiction issues know they can reach out for help.
"Come give us a try -- it's different, it's unique and you're talking to a bunch of people who've been through it, we want to make you feel less alone, we're here, we don't judge anything you say -- trust us, we've heard it, we've seen it, we've been through it," she said.
You can learn more about the Foundry Virtual Project next Monday on CFTK-TV's Open Connection with Robert Pictou  (5:30pm Monday July 20, 2020 on CFTK-TV). 

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