Heritage Park Museum fundraising efforts

Hillary Johnson

COVID -19 has put a strain on many businesses and organizations, and when it comes to the Heritage Park Museum in Terrace, their government funding has been cut dramatically. Curator Anna Glass said that since most of their fundraising events were cancelled this year, they have had to adapt in their operation and come up with other ways to raise funds.

"Well, not only have we lost out on funding, but also we have had less funding from the government for our summer students. We have lost a significant amount of money but also amounts of man-hours and usual work that's done during the summer. The difference with the government funding and events is around 40,000 dollars."

Glass says the park decided to host a garage sale from June 24th to the 27th to replenish the reduced funding. Doors open at 11 am and will go until 5 pm.

"We had a lot of stuff that we didn't need, up at the park, so then we kind of brought our own from our own homes, and then we realized, you know, if we are going to have a garage sale, we might as well go all for it. So we started accepting donations from the public, and we had so many people bringing their stuff up. We had to stop taking in donations because we had so many items."

This year, the park will still be hosting some Canada Day events but with the essential modifications.

"There is going to be music, free crafts, cupcakes and everything left from the garage sale will be one dollar. We do have an occupancy limit of 40 people in the park. If there are lines, we have tape down to make sure we maintain that 6-foot distance; we have hand sanitizer provided, we have been disinfecting all potential touch surfaces."

Canada Day events will occur between 11 am and 3 pm. Glass mentions that with their strict 40 people occupancy, a time limit may be enforced if there is a high volume of people wishing to participate in the festivities.

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