Horgan government looking for ways to help charter sport fishing operators during COVID crisis

John Crawford

Premier John Horgan says he understands the added pressures the COVID-19 pandemic has put on charter operators within the sport fishing industry, and the government is looking for ways to help.
During his weekly news conference Wednesday he said charter operations in northwestern BC and elsewhere rely heavily on out-of-province clients, and the pandemic has hit them hard.

Horgan says they already have to deal with allocation restrictions involving Chinook salmon and other species.
"And that's been a challenge the last couple of seasons and it'll continue to be a challenge because of the lack of fish, but you compound that by saying you've got a lack of fishers coming from other jurisdictions and then of course the challenges of internal travel as well --- but I'm optimistic, I'm always optimistic that we'll have better news for the sportfishing sector around the corner, and when it comes to other types of assistance, that's always an option -- we have a Recovery Plan, dollars ready to go, and we'll be looking at that on a case-by-case basis and the charter sector is certainly one of those that we'll be looking at closely."
Horgan says in the meantime, the government is encouraging charter operators to reach domestic opportunities and get some people out in boats who haven't been out in boats before. 

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