John Horgan visits the Terrace area to tout the NDP platform

Hillary Johnson

The snap provincial election campaign is underway, and Premier John Horgan visited Terrace this weekend to tout the NDP's record on health care and warn voters of the potential costs of a Liberal government.

While standing in front of Mills Memorial Hospital on Saturday, Horgan highlighted the NDP's inclusion of a new hospital in the 2020 budget, which is scheduled to be ready for 2024. 

He also boasted of his government's ability to raise additional healthcare dollars through the EHT, which raises approximately 1.8 billion dollars annually by having 15% of the province's largest businesses to contribute a little bit more.

Horgan wanted voters to know that a Liberal government will try to pay for their promises through corporate tax breaks and cuts to programs such as the new hospital in Terrace, and the NDP candidate for Skeena, Nicole Halbauer, highlighted the delays of the last Liberal government. 

"The previous BC Liberal government promised a replacement for Mills Memorial over and over, and all the people in Terrace got were delays. Under John Horgan, the BC NDP government is getting it done. The business plan is approved, and the project is moving forward."

The Premier was joined by the BC NDP Skeena candidate, Nicole Halbauer. They also paid a visit to Kitsumkalum Cheif Don Roberts and are scheduled for a tour of the Haisla Health Center in Kitimat.

The election is set for Saturday, October 24th.

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