Ksan Society's Coldest Night of the Year walkathon exceeds fundraising goals

Hillary Johnson

Some Terrace residents will be bundling up to participate in the coldest night of the year, a charity walk-a-thon hosted by the Ksan Society this Saturday. The event is to support and raise money for the hungry, hurting and homeless. Executive Assistant Kylie Nelson says due to the pandemic, they have modified the event to be self-organized.

"This year was more challenging because we had to plan for a safe event that would be successful. We really liked that we got to showcase Ksan Place last year, and we don't get to do that this year. It's really about freedom of choice. You get to pick when and where you are walking. All the teams have their toques, the team captains will safely distribute them, and you get to put your toque on and go for a two or five kilometre walk in your neighbourhood, and we really want people to get out into the cold."

All funds raised stay local and go toward Ksan Society cold weather programming. Nelson proudly states that both their first and second goal has already been surpassed.

"We started out with a $20,000 goal. We reached it last week and thought, let's go a little bit bigger, and we set a goal of $22,000, which we reached. As of this morning, we have surpassed $25,000 so far; we are very excited. So far, we have 15 teams and 106 people walking; this has been our most widely attended "event" yet."

You can register to join in the chilly walk up until the day of the event. Key things to remember when participating in your COVID-safe bubble or taking part individually is to map out a safe route, let someone know of your whereabouts, bring a cell phone in case of an emergency and share your journey on social media.

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