LNG Canada Official Excited That More Girls Are Entering Trades Training Programs

John Crawford

An LNG Canada official says she's excited to see more girls enrolled in trades training courses, as the company prepares to ramp up construction activity in Kitimat.

External Affairs Director Susannah Pierce was commenting on the "Arc and Spark" welding camp, that's been taking place this week at the Kitimat Valley Institute, sponsored by the company and the CWB Welding Foundation.

Eighteen indigenous and non-indigenous youth, aged 11 to 17 years-old, have been spending the week learning about welding safety, gas metal-arc welding and other aspects of the industry.

Pierce says the students are getting an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a welder -- and that will be important, not only for construction of the LNG export terminal, but for its continued operation.


"And this is one area that we see there's going to be a demand for welders, so let's get them engaged early, let's let them understand what it's about -- and what I'm really pretty excited about is the number of young girls that see this as an opportunity -- we're seeing both young men and young women get engaged in the trades early so that they can have the jobs of the future," she said.

Pierce says the future of the industry -- and the future of the northwest -- depends on getting young people involved in trades training.
"We have families living in the community that have young kids -- they feel the same way;  we're thinking about this, not only just for this construction period but as you can expect, this project moving ahead is construction and then operating jobs for years and years and we definitely want to see what we can do to make sure that we've got the resources locally who can fill those jobs."

The camp wrapped up with a graduation ceremony Friday afternoon. 

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