More colourful murals in Terrace have been completed

Hillary Johnson

Even though it was a pretty gloomy summer in the Northwest, the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival Society hoped this year's murals would lift Terrace's spirits. Festival Society president Dave Gordon says they gave the selected artists full creative control as long as their work represents our sense of place in the Northwest. He says they are thrilled with all of the beautiful additions around town.

"Stellar" on the Dairy Queen building, so that's a mural by Raven Tacuara; they are an art collective based here in Terrace. They have artists from Witset, Travis Hebert and Facundo Gastiazoro from Smithers and Terraces, Stephanie Anderson and Manda Hugon. Cedar Coast Dental is painted by Casey Braam with help from artists Tim Block and Roderick Brown, and it's called "Both Sides of the Valley." It represents an alpine sense with mountain goats. The Investor Group was painted by Leah Pipe and her team of painters from Hazelton. It's called "A Wolf Moon." It speaks to the challenges of wolves and their relationships with ravens, especially in the wintertime. Ninja Sushi was painted by Kari Morgan, a graduate from Freda Diesing School of art and design."

The artwork brightens up the buildings, but murals aren't the only project the society has been working on.

"So, we do have a plan to put an installation into the new traffic circle on the intersection of Highway 16 and 37. We have a design that involves a sculpture by a local first nation artist Stan Bevan, one of our master carvers, and Roderick Brown and Mike Sorochan will also be contributing with the metal and woodworks. So we have a center sculpture with three figures on it—human figures and six salmon swimming around the outside that represents our relationship between people and salmon. We are about to start our fundraising drive for that."
Gordon says they have received many positive responses to the artwork and has multiple other business owners wanting a mural for themselves.

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