North Coast Community Services helps more families even during the Pandemic

Divya Gill

In the last six-ish months our ability to think outside the box has been tested multiple times, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.
One community service has used this challenging time to continue helping families get the help they need when it comes to their children.
The Executive Director of the North Coast Community, Sherry Beal said the centre caters a variety of different programs, Programs for children specific, families and those who are also expecting.
One program called Cradles and Moccasins  is available for parents to have a coffee and interact with other parents while their children play, or for families who are having a hard time with finances. staff will now create and bring the activity to the family.
"Instead of families coming and exploring different activities and doing different things, our crew has actually developed getting activities to the family. they will set up something for a week and then they will drop it by their homes and then they'll connect with them  by phone if they are having struggles, or how do I get my child  to be  involved in this and their being encouraging ways to be able to get them involved."
Another key aspect that has been pushed back is the goal of establishing a child development center in the city. Beal added they will be doing a 50/50 draw this year to contribute to the development center since there isn’t one in Prince Rupert.
“ To be able to help children develop and also assist them with self-regulation and develop other skills like fine motor skills. To be able to have that all in one place is really important to children and the added bonuses were going to have is that this will be available to the residents at Acropolis Manor.  Sometimes they need to get out and they need to learn new ways of managing emotions, so this will provide that opportunity for them as well."
The centre says they are hoping that in the next three years this centre will be made. Even with COVID still upon us, the Community Centre is still open to accepting new clients. Residents can phone the center to find out more information

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