Positive Feedback provided by Community on Prince Rupert's Community Plan

Divya Gill

Last week the City of Prince Rupert had their one week long comment and concerns meeting with the community in regards to their Official Community Plan.

Mayor Lee Brain said there has been a huge amount of support from the community about the plan.
The OCP is guideline that shares the vision of how the city will look come 2030 and what key issues need to be taken care of by then.

The plan introduced a new outline of the City having three main districts- midtown, marina and downtown
"A ton of support for where we are heading particularly with what we want to do with the downtown. I think we're looking really good, based on our survey and different organizations meeting with us that there is also a lot of support in the direction we are heading in."

The future of housing is a major component of the OCP.

Brain at the end of August the city Council passed an intention document to pass a new incentives for builders to build in the downtown.

"Five to ten year tax break for people that come and go, new units or new commercial buildings in the downtown. But also that if you are an existing owner who has an existing building in the downtown and you want to do renovations. We're also going to be offering tax incentives on the difference between the values of your property. So for example; if a person had a unit downtown worth $400,000. And they do a renovation and now it's worth $550,000 after the renovation, we're going to give a break to that new jump they had to take in their assessment."

The OCP also highlights the city's goal to a more sustainable future. This includes- climate change and emissions, proposed food systems, sustainability cities, smart growth and complete communities.
The OCP is still available to the community for review.

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