Port Authority was denied the Temporary use Permit for Storage Facility

Divya Gill

The Prince Rupert Port Authority was seeking a temporary use permit to operate a container storage facility located along Highway 16/Park Ave was denied at Monday’s night council meeting.
Many Councilors including Councilor Barry Cunningham addressed the concern of this facility being a potential 24/hour service.
"But when you start using that as a 24/hour facility, the quality of life for anyone all around that area goes down the drain simply because now sleep and everything else is affected."
The Port’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability Ken Veldman said although there are many concerns for noise in the area this is strictly for storage facility.
"But really its mostly about warehousing, equipment repair, trades related  type activity that could be in buildings in that area, long shore training to that kind of thing."
Mayor Lee Brain added he feels the idea of rezoning should be looked into.
"But in my current form and the current way this is played out I think it’s appropriate for us not to approve the temporary use permit and to encourage them to think long term about what they want to do and put a methodology together on what that site could be and if that’s the way they chose to go about it apply for a rezoning."
Veldman added as a port authority they are committed to sustainably developing the port within the community and they will continue to look for ways to do that.

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