Plans are underway to reopen Terrace's indoor recreational facilities

Hillary Johnson

Plans are underway to cautiously reopen Terrace's indoor recreational facilities to the community. Lesuire Services Director Carmen Didier said the Sportplex and Aquatic Center's reopening would look very different from regular pre-COVID operations. She explained that the Hidber Arena would open on August 24th. However, the main arena will remain closed until mid-October. Only groups who have rented ice time will be allowed in the facility. Each rental group will also have a door ambassador to enforce procedures.

"On the ice, there will be a maximum of 20 people allowed, and generally, this breakdown will be 18 skaters and two coaches. Each skater, if required, will be allowed to bring one parent or one guardian into the facility to accompany them. The dressing rooms right now on the Hidber side are limited to 9 skaters, and that's to maintain physical distancing. There will be signage and directional flow movement throughout the facility."

The Aquatic Center is planning to open its doors on September 14th. A pilot schedule regarding swim time blocks for the facility will be put in place but might be subject to change.

"All facility patrons must have a reservation within a scheduled swim block to enter the facility. All facility patrons will pay drop-in admission rate, which means there will be no discounted admissions and no free use admissions and no memberships at this time. For the purpose of the drop-in admission and the definition of family will be limited to four persons max, and that child admission rate will apply to babies and toddlers from 0 to 2 years old. We are asking patrons come swim-ready or gym-ready so they can utilize their time block. They have less than 15 minutes to get out of the facilities. So it's dry off, get out so the next group can come in."

Didier says the gym capacity will be determined by pool capacity during swim time blocks. Gym only patrons will be assigned a table spot in the conference room to store their personal belongings.

"Certain equipment in close proximity will be paired with a colour code, and if that one colour is in use, then the other colour will be out of use. Patrons will be asked to clean onto their equipment and clean off."

The City is asking patrons to follow a COVID-19 Safety Plan and the City's guidelines. Disinfection of surface areas will occur after each use. Visit the City's website for a full list of rules, regulations and policies.

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