Prince Rupert Moose Lodge donates $32,000 to local organizations

Joshua Azizi

The Moose Lodge in Prince Rupert recently donated $30,000 dollars to the Salvation Army and $2,000 to the breakfast program at Ecole Roosevelt Elementary School. 

The Moose is a non-profit bar in Prince Rupert that frequently donates to groups throughout the city. All of their members are volunteers, and ninety per cent of their earnings go towards charity. They’re a part of a larger organization of Moose Lodges throughout the US, Canada and the UK. 

Prince Rupert Moose Lodge Governor Shawn MacDonald said that the group was inspired to donate to the local Salvation Army when they heard that their Christmas kettle drives were struggling. 

"They were stuck for Christmas because the usual funds like the toy run didn’t have as much money, and we know they’re struggling with their kettle drive right now. They were really short, they were pleading, asking everybody to help donate. And once again The Moose said, ‘Sure, we'll help donate,” and then the new committee voted for the 30-grand.”

At the Salvation Army in Prince Rupert, Lieutenant Dawn Butt said that clients at both their food bank and soup kitchen have increased this year, and their thrift store has experienced two break-ins in the past two months as well. She was happy to hear about the Moose's donation, which will also help them donate more toys to children.

"I cried. So I am a crier, but having a donation like that when it's been a really rough year for donations and you're always trying to make it the best for kids, especially. Although it's the pandemic, they don't understand all that the pandemic entails. So if we can make someone's Christmas better, that's just the icing on the cake for me.”

Ecole Roosevelt Elementary School runs a breakfast program for children, but Principal AndrĂ©e Michaud said the pandemic has increased that program’s costs. They reached out to local groups for support, but Michaud said it’s the Moose’s donation that took the stress off of their finances.

“The Moose was the one that got back to us and talked to us and said, ‘if you were shooting for the stars, what amount would you make it so that you would be worry free?’ And we gave them that amount and they just donated that amount to us. That took a lot of pressure off us.”

MacDonald said the reception to the news has been positive.

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