Prince Rupert urged to continue following COVID-19 health restrictions

Joshua Azizi


COVID-19 cases have been rising throughout B.C., but Northern Health is keeping its eye on Prince Rupert to see if cases in the city of rainbows will begin to decline following the end of its mass vaccination clinic.

The clinic's late date was on March 22nd, and it takes about 14 days before the vaccine will have full effect. 

Although around 85 per cent of the city is vaccinated, Northern Health says Prince Rupert can't let its guard down just yet.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Rakel Kling says even if you've received your first vaccine dose, you still need to follow all public health orders.

"We know that the COVID vaccine works very well, but we know that what it works best at is preventing very severe disease and hospitalizations and deaths. We do know that you can still possibly contract COVID after you've been vaccinated and still pass it on to others. So while we're monitoring what's going on [regarding] how COVID is transmitted post-vaccine, it's still very important that everyone follows the guidance and listens to what Dr Henry says in terms of any updates post-vaccine."

Prince Rupert City Councillor and Acting Mayor Wade Niesh also mentioned the importance of continuing to follow public health restrictions – and he's confident that most people in the city will keep on following the guidelines.
Looking ahead, Niesh says he hopes Prince Rupert will have a better summer than last year, as more people in B.C. get their vaccines and the province inches closer to herd immunity.

"I think most people are optimistic that we're heading in the right direction. We all want to see a summer this year that's closer to normal, and I think as the province gets vaccinated closer to summertime, you'll start to see more of that herd immunity – which will allow us to be optimistic and have a good summer."

Northern Health is expected to roll out the next round of vaccines in Prince Rupert in July.

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