CJFW is now Pure Country Radio

John Crawford

After more than 35 years on the air, some big changes are taking place for CJFW radio.

Station manager Mel Kemmis announced this morning the station is being rebranded immediately as "Pure Country Radio" -- which is a new Bell Media national brand.


 "We're really excited -- country music is such a hot format in Canada right now and so for us to be a part of that and to bring Pure Country and showcase the country artists and everything that is country in the northwest, we couldn't be happier;  it also gives us an opportunity to do contesting on a national scale, we've got a Big Dollar contest, an artist contest coming, and to showcase local, national and international stars is really what we're all about," he said.

[PHOTO:   Mel Kemmis, General Manager,  Bell Media BC North]

CJFW first went on the air under the ownership of Skeena Broadcasters in 1983.

The call letters were chosen to reflect the initials of company founder J. Fred Weber. 

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